What are conjoint couples and family hours? (California MFT)




  • Colleen Voronel

    This is confusing....  If I see 2 couples for 2 hrs each what is it suppose to look like? 4:2 or 4:4? 

  • Support

    If you spend 4 hours doing couples therapy you would enter 4 hours of CFC on the first line and 4 hours of conjoint on the second line.

  • Daniel Anselmi

    From the title of the article, I was hoping to read a definition of "conjoint" to distinguish conjoint CFC hours from non-conjoint CFC hours. Adding a definition would be most helpful. Thank you!

  • Support

    The general definition of conjoint couples therapy is just couples therapy (a therapist seeing two people who are a couple during the same session).

  • Kimberly Buksa

    So on Trackyourhours the double hours won't count in the weekly total, but will count in the overall hours calculated on the site?

  • Support

    Correct. Conjoint couples and family hours (up to the max) are double counted in your valid total so you know how many hours you can actually claim. The hours are not doubled counted on weekly logs or experience verification forms per BBS guidelines. Below is an FAQ from the BBS that explains this topic.

    1. How do I log/get credit for the conjoint couples and family incentive hours? When completing the Weekly Summary of Hours of Experience form and the MFT Experience Verification form, you will document the total couples, families and children hours gained on or after 1/1/2010 on the form item titled “Couples, families, and children.” In the subsection below, record the amount of actual conjoint couples and families hours. This subsection is only for recording purposes and will not affect your supervision requirements or increase your weekly totals. Please only document actual hours. Do not double count the hours on your forms. Once your application is received by the Board, those hours will be evaluated, and up to the first 150 hours of conjoint couples and family hours will be double counted to a maximum of 300 hours. For example: If Allison completed 10 couples, families and children hours, and 6 of those hours were conjoint couples and family, Allison would record 10 hours in the couples, families and children category and 6 hours below in the conjoint couples and family subsection
  • Leyla Magpiong

    So, just to be clear; the total sum of "valid" hours that I see on the Track Your Hours summary report is strictly for the intern or trainee's tracking information. When printed out on the experience verification form those hours don't show up but the BBS adds them in. We just know we've got the required hours because of the "valid" count. Correct?

  • Support

    Correct. The valid total includes the double counting of the conjoint couples and family hours so you know how many you can claim. The hours are not double counted on your forms because the BBS wants to do it.

    TYH Support

  • Eric Ruffing

    So can I count 1 person seeing me for 1 hour (for their marriage issues) as couples therapy just not conjoint? If not then when is couples therapy not conjoint?

  • Support

    If you are seeing 1 client the hours should be logged as individual counseling, not CFC.  .  

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